DL Air-Con Services Ltd. is committed to being an industry leader in minimising the impact  of its activities on the environment.

The key points of achieving this goal are as follows:

- We will minimise waste by consistently evaluating the businesses operations and ensuring that they are as efficient as possible. Where corrections can be made to make processes more efficient we will do everything in our capacity to ensure we rectify the problem.

- We aim to minimise toxic emissions caused by our motor vehicles through the selection and use of more energy efficient vehicles.

- We will actively promote recycling across our business as well as externally to our clients and the local communities.

- Our company will source and promote product ranges that have the best carbon footprint and are the most reliable to ensure your companies success and energy reduction.

- We aim to meet or exceed any and all environmental legislation targets set out by the government or relevant governing bodies.

We will continually look at ways to innovate environment protection within our industry, we will achieve this by working with other businesses with our industry to find ways of reducing the carbon footprint of the industry.


Signed by:

David Lewis

Managing Director